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Finnwatch monitors Finnish companies in developing countries and economies in transition. We are interested in the consequences of Finnish companies’ operations on human and labour rights, the environment and developmental and social consequences in the South.

Contact us
Finnwatch ry 
Pääskylänrinne 7 B 62 
00550 Helsinki
tel. +358 (0)44  568 74 65
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What we do

- Finnwatch carries out research and produces information summarized in articles and reports that are mainly spread through our website.

- In order to observe companies zealously, we use varied sources of information ranging from stakeholders to companies.

- We also give direct feed-back to companies involved.

- Research is carried out in collaboration with local and other NGOs and labour organisations in the target countries. Workers and other groups of people likely to be affected by the operations of the companies are easy to reach by means of contact networks readily available through the organisations involved in Finnwatch.

- We work in close collaboration with Swedwatch in Sweden, Norwatch in Norway and DanWatch in Denmark, since many companies are owned jointly by many Nordic countries.

- Finnwatch participates in a EU-funded project called makeITfair on consumer electronics.

Our objectives

Finnwatch’s objective is to bring about concrete improvements in developing countries and economies in transition when business activities are environmentally or socially unsatisfactory. It wants to increase awareness of these consequences in companies and encourage them to true responsible action. We promote cooperation of Finnish organisations in monitoring Finnish companies.

Our work is carried out with as much transparency as possible, with respect to all parties involved. Further, Finnwatch aims at promoting solutions to discovered problems. Companies must apply international commitments such as the UN Declaration of Human Rights, ILO core labour standards and Rio principles. Even the OECD Code of Conduct for multinational enterprises and UN Global Compact give direction to companies. Various operating principles written by companies themselves are becoming common, and even they shall not be forgotten.

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