Finnwatch is a member of the following corporate responsibility networks:



ECCJ is a coalition of NGOs, trade unions and academics which advocates for European laws that guarantee corporate accountability, transparency, and ensure justice for victims of corporate malpractice.




The Supply Cha!nge project brings together a group of 29 civil society organisations from across Europe and the global South. The three-year project which began in 2015 aims to find solutions to environmental and human rights problems in the supply chains of European supermarkets' private label products. Finnwatch's role in the project is to research working conditions in the factories producing private label groceries.



oecd watch OECD Watch is an international network of NGOs. OECD Watch monitors the effectiveness of the implementation of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises in different countries.



Finnwatch is an allied organisation member of the global Financial Transparency Coalition. The Coalition brings together NGOs, governments and experts from around the world to promote a transparent, accountable and sustainable global financial system. In particular, the Coalition aims to curtail illicit financial flows out of developing countries.



Finnwatch is a member of Tax Justice Europe which seeks to promote tax justice in Europe. Tax Justice Europe is one of the five regional networks of Global Alliance for Tax Justice which collectively represent hundreds of organisations, activists and trade unions campaigning for greater transparency and democratic oversight in tax systems.



Thai Seafood Working Group

International coalition of NGOs that monitors the working conditions in Thailand's seafood industry. The Coalition undertakes research and advocacy work and seeks to influence the public discourse with a view to reduce labour rights abuse and trafficking in the seafood supply chains in Thailand.



Palm Oil Coalition

Finnwatch is actively involved in the Palm Oil Coalition which is coordinated by the US-based organisation Rainforest Action Network. The Coalition campaigns for more responsible palm oil industry, and has, for example, developed principles and related implementation guidance on free and fair labour in palm oil production.





Finnwatch manages an informal Finnwatchers network for NGO workers and independent researchers who are interested in corporate responsibility issues. Those interested in joining the network should contact us at info(a)



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