Finnwatch is the only organisation in Finland that shines a spotlight on corporate activities. By donating you can make sure that we can continue to expose human rights violations in global supply chains and cases of aggressive tax planning.


Finnish companies have improved their corporate social responsibility

Our research has lead to significant improvements in labour rights in the supply chains of Finnish companies and to the imporvement of their CSR processes.

The government has taken action to curb aggressive tax planning

We promoted aggressive tax planning to the public agenda and successfully lobbied decision makers to limit tax evasion by Finnish companies.

End to the exploitation of thousands of workers in Asia 

We’ve supported victims of forced labour and human trafficking in Thailand, improved working conditions in palm oil plantations in Malaysia and factories in India.

Other ways to support our work

Organise a Day's Work collection at your school!

Through Day's Work collection (päivätyökeräys, taksvärkki) students can join the call for more responsible companies by donating one day's salary to Finnwatch. Schools can decide the timing of the collection and the amount per student themselves. Participation in the collection is voluntary for the students.

Become a Finnwatch Supporting Member!

Persons or entities with legal capacity who agree with Finnwatch mission and who commit to upholding its by-laws, can become Finnwatch supporting members. Supporting members have the right to participate in and speak at Finnwatch annual general meetings but no right to vote.