Finnwatch monitors the human rights impacts and tax responsibility of Finnish companies and companies that are strongly linked to Finland. Our goal is to influence companies, legislation and public discourse.

Our achievements:

International spotlight on migrant workers in Thailand, improvements to working conditions

Photo: Maximillian Scott Murray

Many years of Finnwatch research has drawn international attention to the situation and working conditions of migrant works in Thailand. We have produced reports on poultry, tuna, fruit, rubber and glass industries. Our reports have led to numerous improvements in working conditions. With a view to ensuring impact at the local level, we work together with Migrant Worker Rights Network, a migrant worker membership based organisation.

Palm oil industry's wake up call to labour rights

Photo: Finnwatch

Our research exposed serious shortcomings in the working conditions at the oil palm estates in Malaysia and led to close dialogue with the palm oil industry. In collaboration with international NGOs, we developed guidelines for free and fair labour in palm oil production. In response to our recommendations, several companies have taken action to strengthen labour rights protections in their supply chains.

Finland takes steps to curtail aggressive tax planning

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/m0r4cp

Finnwatch has produced research on tax havens since 2013. Our work has had an influence for example on the country-by-country reporting guidelines for state-owned companies, produced by the Prime Minister's Office. We are regularly invited to give expert opinion to the parliamentary committees and divisions on issues related to tax responsibility.

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