Conditions Monthly donation
Repeated card payment

Terms and Conditions from 01.01.2017

Repeated card payment is an ongoing, open-ended contract, where your card will be charged a monthly sum agreed.

Collected funds will be used FinnWatch Association's work.

The donation will be charged from your card each month on the same day on which you have started kuukausilahjoittamisen. (Moon 28.-31. Day) in the last days of the month kuukausilahjoittamisen which started charging is done at Day 28 of each month. If a debit card does not work on the agreed date, we will try to charge again in the next two business day. You can change the due date by contacting Finnwatchiin to

The donation amount is selected from the time of accession. You may want to change the amount by contacting Finnwatchiin to The donation agreement may be terminated by contacting the Finnwatchiin to We reserve the handling of changes related to card payment time for three weeks.

Card in the event of a change to the email address we will send a link through which you can upgrade to the new card information.

FinnWatch Association does not handle and store donor card number at any time. Our service provider Nets (ex. Luottokunta) to guarantee the safety of card payment system PCI DSS certified (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Online bank charge on your / your statement shows FinnWatch.